Karin Pedersen
CEO, M.Sc. (Economics)
E-mail: kp@mascott-management.com
Mobile: +45 20121910

Skype: karin.annette.pedersen 







Board of Directors:
I have several years of experience as a member - as well as a chairman - of various boards of directors. I am a member of different professional associations – all striving to increase the professionalism in the board of directors’ work.


Strategic Development and Consultancy:

I facilitate development and change processes for companies so a new strategic, sustainable and profitable platform is created. I advise companies about their future strategic direction, business development, internationalization, development of business plans etc.


Interim Management:
I do interim management. As an interim manager I am hired to solve a particular project in the company
- for a shorter or a longer period.  



We carry out national and international market research for private and public companies - qualitative as well as quantitative. We are members of ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research) – guaranteeing that high professional and ethical standards are being maintained.


We listen to the customer and the customers need – we deliver always customized solutions. A solution can be that we:


•Assist in definition of the problem and provide correct basis for decision
•Secure use of the appropriate methodology and analysis
•Provide data collection via focus groups, in-depth interviews, questionnaires
•Implement analysis and recommendations
•Develop business plan, strategy etc.
•Facility strategy processes i.e. implementation of workshops
•Implement demand analysis and pre-studies